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Management Access Anytime Anywhere

Console Shark orchestrates out of band management connectivity, environmentals and power control for all the devices in your environment from a single dashboard.

Manage your Devices from a Single Dashboard

Console Shark orchestrates out of band management connectivity, environmentals and power control for all the devices in your environment from a single dashboard.

No Onsite Servers to Manage
Gone are the days where companies host orchestration oob platform(s) on premises that you're responsible for updating and maintaining.
Security Policy Enforcement
Ensure that only authorized IT Professionals can access specific infrastructure devices that Console Shark provides remote management access to.
SSO via Active Directory Integration
Console Shark integrates with your corporate Active Directory via SAML to provide a Single Sign on Experience for the Dashboard Environment.
Enviromental Analytics
Monitor and Report Analytics on Environmental Sensors controlled by a Console Shark such as Power, Seismic, Sound, Water and Temperature.
Change Control Risk Mitigation
Minimize risk during Change Control Windows by giving engineers remote power control and console access remotely over 4G LTE Wireless.
Minimize Engineer Travel
Console Shark can minimize travel time and costs by providing remote console management access to routers, switches, firewalls and servers over 4G LTE.
Single Pane of Glass
Manage all your devices in your environment from a single pane of glass. Start a remote administrative session, control the power and view power cost all from a single window.
Setup in less than 1 Hour
New deployments of Console Shark can be completed in less than 1 hour. As long as you have an active internet connection, you can manage your devices whenever and wherever you like.
Clean and Modern Dashboard
Cloud Shark utilizes the latest and greatest web application technology to provide a clean and modern look and feel to our dashboard. Our Dashboard will not disappoint unlike our on-prem competitors.

The Team

Console Shark was founded by Engineers designing a product to be used by Engineers. Our team has decades of combined Operations Experience.
Matthew George
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Console Shark Visionary
Matthew founded Console Shark with the vision to make remote console management easy and painless without the use of screen sharing.
John Harris
Chief Technology Officer
Code Monkey Commander
John, technically employee number 2 joined the company to bring the founders vision to life by coding wire frames and maintaining the dashboard.
Nick Davis
Vice President of Sales
Likes Selling Ice to an Eskimo
Nick joined Console Shark in 2019 with decades of sales experience and executive contacts in fortune 500 companies around the country.

What Our Customers Say

I've been wanting a product like this for years. It is extremely frustrating to have someone drive into the office and connect a console cable start a screen share just so I can manage a device.
Kenneth Frazier
Sr. Network Engineer
Using the Shark Point with a KVM Dongle I was able to access one of our remote servers that we lost connectivity to, as it turns out our edge router had failed. Amazing product!!!
Nelle Maxwell
Windows Server Administrator
I was tasked with deploying new hardware to a site in France that I could not visit, needless to say the Console Shark made it easy to console into the routers and switches for initial configuration.
Alice Hampton
Professional Services Deployment Engineer